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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Digital Ocean –
2) Vultr –
3) Linode –

Discourse requires at least 2 GB of ram with enough swap space. Any cloud server with 2 GB RAM would sometimes do 1 GB ram also would do but, depends on the Cloud VPS provider. If you are with Digital Ocean / Vultr / Linode / Amazon Lightsail 1GB RAM will work to get started with your forum.

Yes. Weโ€™ll do the necessary setup for WordPress and Discourse integration.

Yes. It is possible with WordPress and Discourse integration and with memberships at WordPress. We have to work on a plugin that does discourse user sync when a member is created, Please contact me with your requirement.

Yes. Discourse comes with API and Integration via Zapier and integration with Web hooks via Integromat or any other integration platform, that supports Web hooks. Example Automation: Storing discourse sign ups to Mailchimp via Zapier

Yes. Discourse has its own subscriptions plugin, based on membership you provide access to parts of the Discourse community.

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